Save Money

Time is money and with Freeloader you will reduce time spent updating web sites. Freeloader takes the repetitive grind out of managing third party websites – and leaves you to focus on activities that will generate more revenue.

With Freeloader there is one simple to use website, meaning less time training staff on all the websites and less chance for errors. Freeloader even includes a simple single screen to show you the rates and availability you have loaded across the various websites.

Increase Revenues

Increase your online distribution without increasing your workload.

Freeloader enables you to manage a single allocation of rooms across multiple websites. This ensures you maximise your sales opportunities by having your “last available room” available for sale across many websites.

Improve accuracy

Freeloader’s fully automated processes ensure your rates and availability are set correctly on all sites.

Freeloader automatic ally depletes inventory as bookings are received from the third party websites and closes all sites out once the last allocated room has been sold. This minimises the risk of overbooking while ensuring you have maximum exposure to sell your rooms.

Our single screen rates and availability display will give you peace of mind. It shows you what you actually have loaded on all your third party websites, so you can verify at a glance that rates and availability are as they should be across all your websites.

Fast & Simple

Freeloader is developed by the people who developed the leading online booking engine for hotels, Netroomz. Freeloader is designed in the footsteps of Netroomz in that it is fast and robust with an easy to use interface.

Freeloader provides a wizard to guide you through the setup process. Freeloader puts you in the driver’s seat to setup the mapping of room types from the various third party sites, determine whether you want Freeloader to automatically deplete allotments as bookings are received etc.

Once you are setup Freeloader prompts you as you make any changes to rates or availability. You still have the flexibity to set different pricing and / or availability per channel

Update anywhere, anytime

Freeloader is a web browser based system meaning you can access it anywhere, anytime to manage your online distribution.

There is no need to install software at your property.

You may want to manage the third party websites while you are away from your property for example. With Freeloader you are good to go.

Single Screen View

Freeloader includes the facility to view your rates and allotments of rooms across all websites at-a-glance on a single screen. This enables you to easily verify that your rates and availability are as they should be.

We understand that you need peace of mind. You need to know that your rates and availability across all the third party sites are accurate. That is why Freeloader includes the ‘at a glance’ enquiry to show you all the rates and availability across all your websites on a single screen. This screen obtains all the actual information from each of those sites — it does not simply display what Freeloader thinks should be loaded on each of those sites.